Keynote: How should we think, build, and create a differently

  • måndag / 24 maj / 2021
  • 13:15-14:15

There is no doubt that the Covid 19 pandemic has changed the World and changed the way that we have to think and act in the design and operation of all public facilities, whether they are cafés, art galleries or sports and leisure complexes.
We can see that the World is staring at a different future; but I do not believe that this is only the result of the Covid 19 situation. In fact, I believe that our future would be significantly different in any case. If we do not rethink the way that we design and provide for the future facilities and operate them differently businesses, certainly in the UK, will simply struggle and eventually fail.

I know that if we ask different questions, we get different answers, So let´s ask different questions, let´s ask the right questions. Let us get better answers, Answers that mean more to more people – and then with a better process, let us see what kind of building we can create for those people.

The human ostrich exists. It´s time to envolve.

Mike Lawless Director LA architects

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