Innovationer från Nederländerna

The Dutch are, together with the Nordic countries, among the most innovative countries in the world. This means we both speak the language of innovation. As a relatively small country the Dutch are always looking for new international opportunities. For this occasion we like to present five Dutch companies at the Träffpunkt Idrott. The Dutch House (B09:60) is organised by Sport eXperience and supported by the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm. Come by to experience what The Netherlands has to offer.

3Dmouthguard improves the way athletes enjoy their favorite sport by using cutting edge technology to produce sports apparel. Together with its partners, 3Dmouthguard automates and digitizes the complete process of producing customized mouthguards. Turning part of the production process digital allows better access, accuracy, delivery and personalisation. 3Dmouthguard combines comfort and safety and is “fit to score”.

Not able to reach maximum performance during training and competition? Having sleep and/or jet lag issues? The innovative and state-of-art Propeaq light glasses and FREE app allow top athletes to reach maximum performance during training and competition, eliminate jet lag and be at the top of your game when you need to be. Drop by our booth for a test drive and let’s talk opportunities.

Recreational Systems International
RSI is an independent, reliable, sustainable & innovative one stop concept provider in premium-quality, innovative and sustainable sports infrastructure.

Recreational Systems International unites several business units that each offer unique sports solutions ranging from artificial turf or hybrid turf systems to shockpads, field covering systems, grass care systems, LED floodlights and temporary indoor facilities.

The software of Safesight makes sure that employees, suppliers, partners, volunteers and other parties know and implement your safety plans, protocols and agreements. And when incidents do occur? Safesight helps to act predictable, efficient and safe.

With the Sportsview video analysis system, recording and reviewing every match is affordable, flexible and highly effective. #film #tag #share has never been easier. For both top sport and recreational team sports. Dutch design in all its aspects.